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  • At NETHITS we are especially committed with our services, providing the best customer experience and an exceptional value for our hotel partners.

    GPON and WIFI
    Fiber to the room to guarantee the digital transformation of your business: high speed data transfer, security and important saving costs in CAPEX and OPEX.
    Our WiFi deployments guarantee total coverage in hotel and maximum availability of the service, optimized, safe and fully managed.
    Monitoring, prioritization and limitation of network traffic generated by applications, guarantees the best customer experience and an efficient management of available Internet bandwidth, which will allow you to reduce your costs significantly. In addition, our performance reports and analysis will help you to forecast future needs.
    NETSPOT is our own Hotspot solution, which guarantees guests access control and registration and their activity on the Internet, managning the bandwidth for each guest, monitor their access points in real time. NETSPOT is also a powerful marketing tool, establishing a communication channel with your guests.
    Our projects are focused on protecting your guests, your systems and your communications.
    A reliable network design, a suitable hardware, a profesional installation and configuration, and our advanced perimeter security solutions will ensure your security
    GUEXT_TV, our proprietary IPTV solution, is much more than a smart TV system, it is a superior user experience.
    TV channels and Video on demand
    Entertainment: games, karaoke, music, APPs and BYOD (the guest brings his own content and launches it to the Hotel's TV).
    Publicity spaces for the hotel services.
    Personalized room services and offers for each guest.
    Once again, our experience as Broadband provider and Integrator go together: hardware and virtual switchboards, integration with the hotel systems, specific rate plans, promotions, etc., complete a set of voice solutions specially adapted to the Hospitality sector.

    We apply our wide experience as broadband and Internet provider, managing thousands of clients, to the hotel room, to the guest experience

    Skilled multilingual technical support, available 24×7, for you and your guests.


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