Our network, the first stone set in the construction of the best experience of your guests

In hospitality market, technology has become a key piece to achieve an optimal experience for guests.

Are you ready to give your guests what they demand today and what they will need tomorrow?

There is no doubt, today guests expect an exceptional experience in the room, which competes with the one they enjoy at home. They want the comfort of mobile services, more customization, the best bandwidth management to support their multiple devices, reliable access to HD content, and everything in the room. The hotels that meet these demands deserve to repeat visits, but for that they must have the appropriate network infrastructure. Hotels that meet these advantages will gain customers loyalty, and for that, they must have the appropriate network infrastructure.


A proper network deployment will ensure that your telecom system is ready to evolve and grow, and it will support all the new services your guests demand.


If your network is properly designed, it will allow you to efficiently manage your resources, it will guarantee the security of your systems and it will protect your guests devices.


An well designed network deployment will also mean a significant improvement in terms of installation and maintenance costs.


The FTTR (Fiber To The Room) technology for hotels is based on the deployment of a local Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON), thus being able to offer multiple services through the same fiber connection:

Analog / VoIP Telephony
High speed Internet access + WiFi.
TV (IPTV or RF) and video (multicast) services. We can send digital television in HD, video on demand, analog broadcast by RF, etc.
Other digital services: room services, surveillance systems, hotel automation systems, IoT systems, etc.


Short and long term competitiveness guarantee
Your increased broad band lets you guarantee the incorporation of new services that demand a big broadband. 4K video, gaming, IPTV, hotstpot, etc.
IoT support. All electronic devices connected and monitored
Lets you migrate to could-based services
Increased Security
Encrytped information end to end.
Budget efficiency: Saving and energetic efficiency
Significative savings en CAPEX (>30%) and OPEX(>80%)
4 to 6 times less space requirement
4 to 5 times less energy consumption
Cable networks need to be replaced every 5-7 years. GPON has more than 25 years of useful life.
Better user experience
Faster transfer data speeds and more broadband
Avoids interferences and improves quality of sound and video


In Nethits, we are specialists in design and implementation of WiFi networks, offering high value added services.

Our deployments guarantee that our WiFi network covers the designed hotel areas, giving the maximun availability of the service, in an optimized, safe and fully managed way.

Initial assessment. Field report to evaluate the hotel facilities, location, identify potential dark areas and determine the technology to be implemented.
Infrastructure deployment of and configuration.
Coverage tests performed by qualified personnel.
Diagrams of the installed network real coverage.
Final Project "as built".

Add value to your network deployment

Following our commitment to add value for guests and hotels, our network deployments offer several additional services that maximize customers experience and minimize costs for the establishment.

Monitoring, prioritization and limitation of network traffic generated by applications, guarantees the best customer experience and an efficient management of available Internet bandwidth, which will allow you to reduce your costs significantly. In addition, our performance reports and analysis will help you to forecast future needs.
NETSPOT is our own Hotspot solution, which guarantees guests access control and registration and their activity on the Internet, managning the bandwidth for each guest and monitoring their access points in real time. NETSPOT is also a powerful marketing tool, establishing a communication channel with your guests.
Our projects are focused on protecting your guests, your systems and your communications. A reliable network design, a suitable hardware, a profesional installation and configuration, and our advanced perimeter security solutions will ensure your security.
24x7 multilingual support service attended by our qualified technical staff.
Our suport technicians will directly solve any doubts and problems of your guests, freeing the staff of your hotel.
It also includes the possibility of giving direct assistance to your technical department.

We don`t want you to have any doubts

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