NETHITS is a global provider of advanced ICT solutions. Moreover, NETHITS has more than 13 years of experience as agent at the telecommunications market, as a Broadband and Internet Service provider and also as a technology integrator specialized in hospitality.

These two profiles and all our experience leads us to manage more than 200,000 residential and business customers and more than 150,000 rooms daily. Precisely, this duality is a unique value in the Hospitality market, since, as Broadband an Internet Service provider we transfer our experience, in networks deployment, their management and our technical support to thousands of end users, to the management of hotel networks, their systems and all the digital services that they give to their guests.

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NETHITS headquarters are in Spain and it has branch offices in Mexico, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and USA. All of them are part of a business group with more than 300 employees

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What distinguish us

At NETHITS we are especially committed to our services providing the best customer experience and exceptional value for our hotel partners


We are a TIC Integrator, but we are also an Broadband Internet provider… that makes us different.

Nethits is more than a TIC Integrator, because it transfers its experience as a Broadband Internet provider to the management of the hotel’s networks and services, as well as providing its own operator services that make up a global service proposal.

Nethits es más que un Operador, porque ofrece servicios y mantenimientos específicos para el Hotel, mucho más allá de la pura conectividad.

Nethits is more than a Broadband Internet provider, because it offers specific services and TIC maintenance for the Hotel, far beyond pure connectivity.

We are Tech Agnostics: we work with any kind of technology and our staff is certified with the main technological suppliers and manufacturers.

Our commitment to improve the customer experience and provide operational and economic efficiency to our hotel partners is based on a single platform that combines hardware, software intelligence and know-how at your disposal:

We have proprietary software solutions specifically designed to cover the requeriments of the Hospitality sector.

That gives us a superior capability to integrate our systems with those of our clients.

Soluciones propietarias de software diseñadas específicamente para cubrir las necesidades del sector Hospitality.

We know the requirements of our customers, that’s why we propose innovative business models, cloud services, services based in monthly subscriptions, we transform CAPEX into OPEX, etc.